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Weekend Peace Walks


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Peace Walks

Walking for Inner Peace
and Outer Harmony

Walking in nature, close to home, and appreciating our beautiful planet with a peaceful mind. 


The Weekend Peace Walks project began in March 2022,

as a way to respond, in an active yet peaceful way, to the sudden and shocking violence in Ukraine.

It was a way to  support friends and colleagues, who had been working for so long to bring healing and care to our beautiful planet and its people and animals. 


Just when the world seemed to be focusing more on green issues. war started in Europe and left everyone reeling.  I wanted a way to connect with those friends and move the focus of my work in support of world peace.

WEEKEND PEACE WALKS  allows us to nurture our own peaceful minds, and to develop a social mindset more conducive to outer peace

I am so grateful to everyone who has given their support to Weekend Peace Walks, for your encouragement and your participation. It is so lovely to go for a walk at the weekend, to feel the happy energy of being outside and to think of friends simultaneously enjoying the same activity. 

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Weekend Peace Walks

How does the project work?

Simply make it a regular practice to enjoy a peaceful walk each weekend - just in your local surroundings, wherever you happen to  be.

Walking alone, or with friends, it doesn't matter. 

It's simply about having a practice of regularly walking

in a spirit of friendship and care.

On the morning of your walk, you may wish to reflect on what peace means to you, where you might like to bring more harmony to your life, and perhaps set a mindful intention for your walk.

After your walk you might like to post a photo or a description of your walk on social media, to share the joy and encourage others to join you.

Thank you for visiting

Time Out To Breathe. 

If you would like further information,

please contact me via email using the green button below.  Thank you


Mindful Appreciation

Thich Nhat Hanh

"Walk as if you are kissing the world with your feet."

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